What to expect when you visit Massage Club

Meet and Greet

On arrival at Massage Club our team will be there to greet you. You will initially be required to provide us with some information that helps us gain an understanding of your physical needs.

This is the opportunity to provide any medical history, past or present injuries and other physical ailments we should be aware of. An area of particular importance is the need to disclose if you are pregnant, as prenatal massage is NOT performed in the first trimester unless written doctors consent provided.

Your massage therapist will come and collect you and introduce themselves and discuss your needs with you. You will also be offered complimentary water or an organic tea from our tea bar as hydration is important for a quality massage, you will also be asked if you need to visit the bathroom.

As it is your first visit, allow a few extra minutes to work through the paperwork, and we invite you to relax in the member’s chill-out room to see how beneficial it is to get that little extra relaxation prior to your massage.

About the Experience

Your massage therapist will guide you to your massage room where you will find a comfortable massage table dressed with two clean bath towels waiting for you (one for beneath your body and the other to drape over your body) along with a head rest and fresh disposable head-rest cover. There is a small shelf for your personal belongings, and a chair is also provided for your use, along with a coat hanger and a convenient mirror on the back of the door.

Your massage therapist will leave the room and wait outside while you remove your clothes to your underwear. Once undressed, position yourself on the towel on the massage table on your stomach, and drape the towel over your body. Your massage therapist will give you a few minutes and will always knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering your room.

The top towel will always be draped over your body throughout your massage session. Your massage therapist will only uncover the part of the body they are working on, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times.

In the room we have adjustable volume for the relaxing background sound so please let your therapist know if the volume is to your comfort, or if you prefer it can be turned off. Our lighting is also adjustable.

We ask for your comfort, and for the concentration of your therapist, and the respect of other clients, that mobile phones are turned off, as vibration still makes an audible sound in such a quiet environment.

On the Table

Before beginning your session, your therapist will ask you to alert them if, at any time during the session, a technique or stroke they are using is providing discomfort. Communication is very important, so share with your therapist what you are feeling.

A massage session includes five (5) minutes to discuss your requirements and to undress and five (5) minutes to redress and discuss any further treatment plan required, please appreciate this time is not spent 'on the table', and forms part of a 1-hour, 1.5-hour and 2-hour session. 

Depending on the massage you have requested, your massage therapist will focus on the specific parts of your body using the particular methods of the specific modality chosen. Only the highest quality massage oil and creams are used during your massage. When you are visiting for a remedial massage, your therapist may conduct a more detailed initial assessment, this takes time, however it greatly assists in the development of an ongoing treatment plan for you. At Massage Club we believe remedial massage is not just about claiming, it is about the enhancement of your well being. 

At the conclusion of your massage, your therapist will leave the room and return with a hot towel for you to wipe yourself down, and also ask if you would like some water. It is at this stage your therapist will also discuss with you recommended further treatment, and let you know their availability.